CCIE Collab- Test Day experience

If you are sitting the CCIE Collab v1 lab for the first time, take a look at this video to familiarize yourself with the live testing environment.

CCIE Numbers nearing 58xxx

As the slightly annoying cyber November draws to a close we would like to offer our congratulations to our recent passing students who are proud owners of a brand new CCIE Number. Our recent bootcamps students did really well and this reflects in the number of folks in the late 57xxx CCIE Number range. We are hoping for great things for the 58xxx series of CCIE Numbers, fingers crossed! Don’t wait too long, the world is going to change in 2018 when it comes to CCIE Collaboration. Get your name on our list of successes by signing up for a class.

  • Jonathan Unger – CCIE #57829 (Collaboration)
  • Joel Murphy – CCIE #57723 (Collaboration)
  • Will Nelson – CCIE #57722 (Collaboration)
  • Brad Hacker – CCIE #57659 (Collaboration)
  • Dan Writz – CCIE #57612 (Collaboration)
  • Samuel Baxter- CCIE #57573 (Collaboration)
  • Daniel Chaves – CCIE #57565 (Collaboration)
  • Davide Marazza – CCIE# #57550 (Collaboration)
  • Ivan Alexander Alves – CCIE #57485 (Collaboration)

Thanks to Joel for the following:

My CCIE journey truly began five years ago when I joined my current employer. I was incentivized to pass the CCIE Voice written. Continue reading CCIE Numbers nearing 58xxx

Why Do People Fail the CCIE Lab Exam?

Having failed a CCIE Lab exam on two occasions, I can tell you that being informed that you are indeed a failure is a humbling experience, always difficult to hear and something nobody ever appreciates.

My kids spend their weekends during summer at swim meets in the Bay Area. You know what the kid who finishes a race in last position receives? A “participation ribbon” (that might just be in California by the way). But when it comes to the harsh world of CCIE Lab score reports, there are only two possible outcomes – “Pass” and “Fail”. I sometimes wish Cisco would re-phrase this as “Pass” and “Participated”. I just can’t get over the fact that somebody can score 79% in an exam and being told by a Bot that you failed. There is something very un-Californian about that. But that is what we all sign up for when we sit a CCIE Lab exam and I fully expect my complaints to fall upon deaf ears.
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Student Testimonial- Daniel Chaves CCIE# 57565

Thanks to Daniel for the following testimonial. Some very good advice for any CCE wannabes out there. We believe the follow-up after class, assessment & grading, ongoing feedback and mentorship to our students is what sets us apart and is the reason why CollabCert students do so well.

I am going to start by saying that I was hesitating about taking the class with Vik, all of the folks that I know who have passed the test and have taken the class were strongly recommending it but there was a financial aspect to it as well. In the end I decided to give it a try hoping that it would give me the final touches I needed to pass.

I got real serious about studying about 4 or 5 months prior to the class, Continue reading Student Testimonial- Daniel Chaves CCIE# 57565

CCIE Collab- Fall 2017 Passes

It’s been a great few weeks for our CCIE Collab students sitting the Lab. Here are some of our passing students from recent classes. Huge congrats!

Please see our latest testimonials here.

  • Daniel Chaves- CCIE #57565 (Collaboration)
  • Ivan Alexander Alves- CCIE #57485 (Collaboration)
  • Davide Marazza CCIE# #57550 (Collaboration)
  • Aaron Dailey – CCIE #56797 (Collaboration)

Thanks to Aaron for the following testimonial:

As you can read from the many testimonials, Vik is the real deal. Continue reading CCIE Collab- Fall 2017 Passes

Understanding the 5 uses of Calling Party Transformation Pattern in UCM

Full Disclosure: this is not for the faint of heart! And unless you are trying to wrap up your CCIE Collaboration then you are probably not going to be overly interested in this article.

This method of transforming the Calling Number within UCM has rarely been fully understood by candidates pursuing the CCIE Collab certification. The aim of this somewhat lengthy blog is to provide a use case for every possible scenario where the Calling Party Transformation Pattern provides some value. In total there are 5 completely different situations where Calling Party Transformation Pattern comes into play, although I doubt one would ever encounter a real-world situation whereby all the different scenario’s would be in used at the same time.

Before we begin, let me stress two things. Continue reading Understanding the 5 uses of Calling Party Transformation Pattern in UCM

CCIE Recertification changes

Prior to June 6 2017 a person with a CCIE certification had been required to pass any CCIE Written exam every two years in order to re-certify and keep their CCIE active (excluding Emeritus). Cisco have announced an alternative method to re-certify which allows for an existing CCIE to avoid sitting another Written exam for the purpose of re-certification.

In a nutshell there are Cisco-approved training courses that can be taken that count for credits and if you get enough credits by the time you are due to re-certify, then you are good to go and don’t need to pass a Written exam. There is an administration fee of $300 in order to do this.

For full details of the “Cisco Continuing Education Program” click here.

What does this mean? Continue reading CCIE Recertification changes

Jan/Feb 2017 CCIE Successes

As we all hold our breath in anticipation of a new blueprint update for the CCIE Collaboration track, plenty of people have had great success on CCIE Collab v1 in the first two months of 2017. Here are some of our passing students from class. Huge congrats!

Please see our latest testimonials here.

  • Ollie Young – CCIE #55836 (Collaboration)
  • Ahmed Al-Khadar – CCIE #55833 (Collaboration)
  • Bill Donovan – CCIE #55817 (Collaboration)
  • Francisco Fossa – CCIE #55749 (Collaboration)
  • Wisam Ismael – CCIE #55720 (Collaboration)
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Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks

Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy networks

In this article we shall take a high-level look at an IoT protocol called RPL (pronounced ripple). The long-winded name is Routing Protocol for low power and lossy networks (LLN). Candidates sitting any CCIE Written exam should have some exposure to this protocol as part of the Evolving Technologies section that was added to all CCIE Written exams in July 2016.

Imagine a network of sensors monitoring noise or heat inside a building. All these sensors are continuously transmitting data wirelessly. It doesn’t make sense if you have to replace the battery or sensor every few weeks. Sensor designs should last years before needing to be replaced. They should also be standalone and not connected to any power source. Hence the term Low-Power and Lossy Networks (LLN).
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Student Testimonial – Jeremy Brown – CCIE #54089

I decided to pursue my CCIE Collaboration after accidentally letting my CCNP expire about a year ago. I watched all the videos from a competitor and while thorough they are not nearly as to the point as CollabCert’s videos and training are. Vik has a training style that is easy to pay attention to and watch over and over. I purchased the whole package of workbooks, training videos, and both boot-camps. I took the boot-camps a month apart. It is a lot to digest and work on. I used the CollabCert Rack rentals using the phones, router, and switch I purchased from a former student. I am not strong in route/switch being a long time voice guy and I needed assistance getting going (on the weekend) and Vik was always able to point me in the right direction. He went above and beyond there.

It took me three separate attempts and after each attempt Vik was there for support and to help me understand what I needed to work on. I don’t know where I would have been without that and the time he spent with me went beyond just sitting in a boot-camp and leaving. That is very much appreciated. I  would advise getting the whole package. I felt completely euphoric seeing that “Pass” when the email came. I could not have done it without Vik.

Jeremy Brown
CCIE #54089 (Collaboration)

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